BREAKINGDiablo Canyon Nuclear Reactors
to be Shut Down by PG&E… in 8-9 Years.
Interviews on next week’s show. 

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • New Zealand anti-nuclear and climate activist Kevin Hester offers an in-depth analysis of what his no-nukes country is doing inviting a US naval vessel into its waters next year – an absolute legal no-no since 1987.
  • Mimi German of No Nukes NW and on how the peace sailboat she and Harvey Wasserman of Solartopia were on – the Golden Rule – was intentionally rammed by a Washington State police boat during a protest of war ships.

Peace Ship Golden Rule Rammed by WA State Police BoatPeace Boat Golden Rule that was rammed by WA state police boat
Photo courtesy No Nukes NW

  • Byron DeLear checks it with perspective on the release of a long-suppressed report by the EPA on the West Lake Landfill that proves the Just Moms, the Coldwater Creek activists, and others who supported them were right.

Numnutz of the Week:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has some very strange safety concerns at Diablo Canyon.  No, not earthquake faults, thin-walled “tin can” dry casks for radioactive waste storage, aging reactor parts, embrittlement of the container vessel.  You’ll never guess what they’re concerned about!  (HINT:  I never knew that Snapple could be so dangerous…)

Listen here: