Nuclear Hotseat #254: Nukes Go Hollywood – International Uranium Film Festival


Featured Interviews:

An audio mosaic of the celebrities, filmmakers, activists, actorvists, fans and media at the first-ever International Uranium  Film Festival in Los Angeles, April 27, 2016.

Listen Here:

Among the featured interviews and personalities:

  • Actor Ed Asner
  • Actor/producer Kat Kramer of Kat Kramer Films that Change the World
  • Karen Kramer, wife of the late Stanley Kramer, director of “On the Beach.”
  • Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek of the Oh, Mary! internet TV talk show
  • Award-winning German director Michael Hohenberg (Final Picture)
  • Activist/filmmaker Liz Rogers (Hot Water)
  • Filmmaker Mary Beth Brangan of Ecological Options Network .
  • Solartopian and veteran activist Harvey Wasserman
  • Activist Myla Reson
  • Elena Nicklasson of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
  • Merrily Weber, the voice of Nuclear Hotseat
  • Norbert Suchanek, Executive Director of the International Uranium Film Festival
  • Indian recording artist Asha Puthli

Upcoming on Nuclear Hotseat –
the International Uranium Film Festival’s
Nuclear Power Panel featuring:

  • Co-moderators Kat Kramer and Harvey Wasserman
  • Lou Gossett, Jr.
  • Esai Morales
  • Actorvist Mimi Kennedy
  • Nuclear Hotseat producer/host Libbe HaLevy

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  1. Hello. If you scroll down my profile posts on Google+ (MaryJaneButler formerlySyracuseYork) you’ll see a lot of my activism posts for Africa (down to February 29, 2016). I’m making a buzz as loud as I can to prevent nuclear and certain fossil fuel disasters on the continent. As we speak South Africa is the only country on the continent that uses nuclear power. Kenya and Nigeria (and others?) are the next targets. With joy some refer to it as “the last frontier.” Will you join me in trying to make it the untouched frontier?

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