Nuclear Hotseat #250: “Chernobyl in a Can” – More Dry Cask Dangers w/Donna Gilmore


This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Donna Gilmore, head of, offers a chilling update on the problems of short term nuclear waste storage, calling the on-site dry storage canisters approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission “Chernobyl in a Can.”

Numnutz of the Week:

Russia risks doubling the reactor lifespan of the Kola nuclear power plant in Murmansk to 60 years so it can produce energy the area doesn’t need.  Why?  Because the station worked out an “investment plan” because it would be “too expensive to decommission it.”  What part of “Chernobyl” do they not understand?

Listen Here

Photo:  Demonstration by Just Moms StL.  Used by permission of Christen Comuso.



  1. I heard on NPR, 04/07/15, that a lot of nuclear plants are going to be shouting down,cause they are no longer profitable, And the compatshion is to great from gas,and wind and solar.

  2. Hi Libbe. Just listened to this milestone show, this morning. Congratulations on reaching show number 250! You have come such a long way and have so much to be proud of in your successes with this “calling”.

    I am grateful that you have opened up my eyes and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

    With my respect,


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