Nuclear Hotseat #240: HEALTH! Holistic Strategies and Radiation Safeguarding for Porter Ranch and Beyond – Dr. Diane Sandler, Kimberly Roberson


This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Dr. Diane Sandler is doctor of Oriental medicine and a craniosacral therapist who has been practicing in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles for three decades. Her focus has been to support her patients in co-creating optimum health through lifestyle changes and deep core work that lead to cellular change.
  • Kimberly Roberson is a Certified Nutrition Educator, a former Greenpeace nuclear campaigner, the founder of Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, and author of Silence Deafening: Fukushima Fallout… a Mother’s Response.  She is the co-creator, with Nuclear Hotseat producer/host Libbe HaLevy, of Radiation Awareness Protection Talk (RAPT).

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Numnutz of the Week:

Pandora’s evil promise starts to visibly take hold of energy policy as two states – two!  in a single week! – announce that nuclear must be included in their “clean energy” portfolios.

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  1. Libbe, Thanks for your great presentation on Coast to Coast last night. Extremely informative. I am going to quit eating salmon in restaurants, or from the grocery store for that matter. I live in central Washington state and almost certainly the salmon we eat here comes from off the coast of Alaska. Don’t need an extra helping of Fukashima isotopes cruising through my body.

    • Dear Libbe:

      Likewise sending you thanks for your Very Excellent Presentation last night. Your reccomendation of Zeolite was spot on.

      I also believe that Medicardium Suppositories and EDTA IV Chelation Therapy may also be helpful to the lead contamination victims, as well as to radon and nuclear alpha particle contamination victims. I have testified as an expert witness on these topics and would be very happy to discuss this further with you.

      I previously shared these reccomendations with physicians in the USSR via papers I sent to them during Chernobyl vis US Senator Paul Simon. I have spent much of my postgraduate carreer developing alternatives to nuclear fission power as well as to inventing retrofittable safety inventions for existing power plants whose Patent Applications are soon to be republished.

      If you are interested you can find some of the currently published Related Abstracts on the Web in blue typeface “Titles” under “Entry Profile: Harvey Kaplan Create the Fiture”. Please read the Abstracts and Comments and Click on the Figures to Enlarge. I am currently seeking funding to create prototypes.

      I look forward to sharing several safety propsals that might interest you. Please call me anytime.

      HCKaplanMD. (Harvey) 773-484-7731.

  2. Libbe – I heard you on Coast to Coast. Thanks so much for what you are doing and for your incisive articulation of the horrors that are going on. I actually studied with you years ago in a poetry class for women. You were a fireball of energy then… and clearly are now.. with great fervor and wisdom. I honor your commitment and drive. I happen to live right above the San Fernando Valley debacle in the mountains of Topanga – it is such a tragedy — for all of us. Thank you again.

  3. As another 20 something unexpectedly caught at 3 Mile Island during the Meltdown I have much to share. I was so upset I testified at the “President’s Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island” and had Dr. Kemeny of Dartmouth College try to discredit my testimony (and facts gleaned from my mom who worked on the Manhattan Project) by ignoring it and asking ” Was I traumatized by the newly opened film “The China Syndrome” which actually had not yet opened in the area and no one had yet seen it. It was all about “Panic Suppression.” We were “stupid” and “they” didn’t live there. They had millions to protect and “we” didn’t matter. Luckily, luck ended the immediate danger and Gov. Thornburgh’s edict not to evacuate (in spite of huge evidence to the contrary) was a lucky success. I have never found anywhere that the testimony of those of us “brave enough” to speak at a “President’s Commission” was recorded. Was it? Where is it. How can we access it?

    • This is the first I’ve heard of it, ML. Have you tried checking with Three Mile Island Alert? If anyone would know, it’s them. – Libbe.

  4. Yes, Libbe. Once again, super presentation on C2C the other night! We have since communicated re: ODNR’s apathy re: permits for the oil and gas industry at the expense of our environment here in Ohio. We appreciate all the work you have done and your ever-growing support for”linking awareness” among we concerned humans, being. Thank you!
    Action Will Win!

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