Nuclear Hotseat #238: SPECIAL – Porter Ranch/Radon Radiation Risk – Kevin Kamps, Cindy Folkers, Richard Mathews, Terry Lodge


Full program devoted to the radon risk hidden
in the methane gas leak disaster at Porter Ranch in Los Angeles. 

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Kevin Kamps is the Nuclear Waste Watchdog for Beyond Nuclear.  He gives an overview of the problems created by radon and suspicions about its impact on the people of Porter Ranch.
  • Cindy Folkers is Beyond Nuclear‘s expert on ionizing radiation and its impact on health and the environment.  She talks about the health impact of radon and its decay products, emphasizing the need for independent testing at the site.
    Links to the two articles cited by Cindy Folkers as possibly pointing to an earlier start of the Porter Ranch gas leak:
    From August, 2015

    From July, 2014
  • Richard Mathews is a long time resident of the Porter Ranch area who is currently running for state assembly from that district. Richard lives four miles away from the gas leak; he talks about the politics behind the scenes and local activist organizing efforts.
    Petition to have the Porter Ranch gas leak declared a national emergency
  • Terry Lodge is an Ohio trial lawyer living in Toledo who has represented many clients in civil rights, civil liberties, and environmental cases.  He talks on the science as well as legal aspects of this case.

Listen Here:

The Missing Link:

Nuclear Hotseat #237 – Byron DeLear interview transcript on West Lake Landfill and legal options.


…A Reminder to All of the San Fernando Valley from your Friendly Neighborhood Environmental Protection Agency:




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  4. Another great show; you always hit such a high journalistic standard, Libbe!
    Lots more information provided for anyone brave enough to listen.
    Thank you!

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  6. Very informative interview – thank you for providing this info. FYI – The link to the August 2015 article goes to the July 2014 article

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