Nuclear Hotseat #236: Numnutz of the Year – SPECIAL!


Nuclear Hotseat’s Year-End Review: 

A panoramic overview of 2015’s nuclear issues seen through the lens of Numnutz of the Week:

  • THRILL to the daredevils who tempt fate by chowing down on Fukushima-grown food!
  • GASP at the audacity of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe-baby as he continues to lie about Fukushima in order to protect the 2020 Radioactive Tokyo No-lympics!
  • MARVEL as Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) makes the Fukushima workers it’s killing with radiation more at home with locally sourced “hot” meals served in their new employee center!
  • SHRIEK with laughter at the incomprehensible antics of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • GUFFAW at the wilde and wacky scientists, doctors and researchers who just can’t figure out where all that cancer is coming from!
  • …and MUCH MUCH MORE! 

Culminating in…


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  1. Absolutely wonderful, the most hard-hitting reportage on the nuclear garbage dump in which we seem to be living. Too bad Democracy Now, or Pacifica does not pickup your podcasts or excerpt yourasudio reports for a show a week oral its stations. We need to hit as hard as your do.

    Arne Gunderson could join in within own broadcasts with your and really cream the Nuclear mobsters before they roll the world.

  2. Libbe, Thanks for your diligence in collecting all this dreadful reality from Japan. Moments ago I read that North Korea’s hydrogen test has been confirmed. What next from Asia?

    Earlier it was useful to listen to you program on West Lake Landfill in St. Louis.–which is how I first learned about it. Wonder why people living around it have not raised more hell over the years. But that is not too different from other nuclear waste sites.

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