Nuclear Hotseat #233: Climate Change/Nuke Connection + Rainbow Warrior w/NZ’S Kevin Hester


This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Kevin Hester was born in New Zealand and became involved in the early 1980’s in that country’s environmental movement, which was heavily influenced by the anti-nuclear activities that resulted in having NZ declared nuclear-free.  Here, he talks about the COP 21 cop-outs, the Climate Change/Nuclear Connection, his witnessing the Rainbow Warrior’s destruction, and what the near term holds as everything continues to heat up.

Kevin Hester, in Nepal

Listen Here:

Numnutz of the Week:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Japan Atomic Power Company join forces to create… well, an admission of guilt and danger, as well as a product that makes no sense… not unlike nuclear itself.




  1. A very excellent interview.
    Yes Kevin, what is leaking daily into the Pacific is one thing, but more important is what those 3 open air reactoirs, still fissioning, are releasing daily into our open skies, which is getting distributed all over the Pacific first and allover the world next, thru sea currents and winds….
    Thanks to both of you, Libbe and Kevin.

  2. Another spellbinding episode, Libbe!

    Kevin Hester’s interview was jaw dropping. Somehow that tireless dedication to the nuclear-free cause, which was embraced by New Zealand, needs to be captured as the theme for the anti-nuclear folks; Going Kiwi!

    • Hi Klimaya – There have been some Japanese episodes of Nuclear Hotseat from our Voices from Japan series. I’m working on creating a Japanese page for this site. Other than that, I believe a few of the interviews have been translated into German. Will that help? – Libbe.

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