Nuclear Hotseat #228: West Lake Nuclear Political Hot Potato – Byron DeLear on Legal Issues, Mimi German on Radiation Monitoring



  • Byron DeLear lives within seven miles of the West Lake Landfill.  He has been involved in clean energy issues as chairman and CEO of Energy Equity Funding. He is a columnist with, was founder of Global Peace Solution, and is currently running for state representative.  We talked about the legal situation that makes West Lake ineligible for the federal FUSRAP clean-up program of Superfund sites — and how that might be turned around.
  • Mimi German is the founder of RadCast, ( which helps citizen activists learn how to take accurate radiation readings, then compiles their data to figure out what’s going on – radiologically speaking – wherever the EPA has fallen down on the job… which is just about everywhere.  She can be contacted directly at:



Wanna know how to get around having verifiable radiation readings at a nuclear site?  Don’t hire anyone to do the job when your current staff leaves!  Workers, we’re not in Kansas any more, but the Wolf Creek nuclear reactor still is!


  • Entergy announces upcoming closure of Fitzpatrick nuclear reactor in upstate New York when its tank runs empty, er, when it’s time to refuel and they won’t.
  • Nevada nuke waste dump explosion and fire only 120 miles from Las Vegas and 21 from Nevada test site.
  • EPA admits to shutting off 99 of its only 135 radiation monitors around the country.  If you don’t have any data, it can’t be contested.  Planned deniability?
  • Explosion and fire at Doel nuclear reactors in Belgium near Antwerp.
  • Fukushima radiation at record highs; exposure to deadly radioactivity could kill a person within one hour.
  • …and more!


  1. Dennis F. Nester on

    From an Email:

    I think its simply amazing, but the Asians understood this long ago and represented the dance of the Universe as that symbol for the ying and the yang.

    Dr. Roy was in a way another Tesla and represented a great danger to the psychopaths trying to eat the earth and everyone on it. He was a political prisoner of the bankers like Tesla, Werner von Braun, and others who have come to the US with a dream and woken up to a nightmare.

    ‘Safe’ burial of nuclear waste any where is impossible. It will leak out of any containment, explode, vent to the atmosphere, Then we eat, drink and breathe the radioactive fallout which sickens, maims and kills you. We can backwards engineer nuclear waste to zero radiation and produce electricity from the decay heat. Turn plutonium 239 to non-radioactive lead. First pass a federal Bill to allow viable alternatives,

    The late Dr. Roy invented the Roy Process right after TMI in 1979, Independent scientists said it was ‘entirely feasible’. Then President Reagan signed the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act which limited science to ‘burial’ of nuclear waste.


    No Time To Waste: E.I.S. – The Roy Process
    for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste – About 18 min.

    Nuclear Storage: Explosive Developments by Chris Busby

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