Nuclear Hotseat #136: DC Smackdown! Resnikoff on NRC/High Burn-up Fuel, NIRS’ D’Arrigo on EPA/Radiation



FOIA email obtained by Daniel Hirsch, Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz and head of The Committee to Bridge the Gap

FOIA email from EPA to air quality districts immediately after Fukushima obtained by Daniel Hirsch, Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz and head of Committee to Bridge the Gap





INTERVIEWS:  First-hand reports on the recent meetings between  anti-nuclear activists and top level reps of the NRC, EPA and Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

  • Dr. Marvin Resnikoff, Senior Associate at Radioactive Waste Management Associates, has been an international consultant on radioactive waste management for decades.  He met with NRC Chair Alison Macfarlane and Commissioners Magwood and Apostolakis and really burned them up with the hard facts of what they don’t know about high burn-up nuclear fuel in their own reactors!

Dr. Marvin Resnikoff

  • Diane D’Arrigo, Radioactive Waste Project Director for Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) explains how she took on the EPA over their inability to take radiation readings on the California coast after Fukushima — and perhaps it was something other than incompetence?
"Trinity" was the first nuclear test explosion.
The Trinity blast on July 16, 1945, marked the start of the nuclear age… and the US government is studying the health impact on downwinders only now…?!?  Everyone alive back then is either over 70 or dead!
  • Sentencing for 84-year-old Buddhist nun Sister Megan Rice and her co-nuclear-disarmament activists delayed on account of snow, rescheduled for February 18.
  • Alaska cites the Twinkie, uh, banana defense to radiation charges as seals die of “white goo” throughout body that even crows refuse to eat;
  • Gloves come off in Tokyo gubernatorial election as a referendum on nukes as TV/radio commentator “asked” by stations to “steer clear of nuclear power issues;”
  • Canada wants to ship highly enriched uranium by truck to US Savannah River Site;
  • AND:  Blinky strikes again!
FOIA email obtained by Daniel Hirsch, Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz and head of The Committee to Bridge the Gap

Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish, shows up this time in Canada





  1. Hello nuclearhotseat. Did you listen to the C-SPAN “Fukushima Task Force” hearings with the NRC?

    Here are a few notes from the hearing, but the entire hearing is informative:

    The 5 NRC Commissioners (at least 4 are hugely pro-nuclear)

    MacFarlane, Allison Chair NRC – said NRC receives regular reports from Japan and “no agency in the United States or abroad has identified any evidence of concerns for U.S. food and water supply or public health”
    Magwood, William
    Apostolakis, George
    Ostendorff, William
    Svinicki, Kristine took 17 international trips to 23 countries

    Look at what some of the Fukushima Task Force members had to say:

    >> Boxer, Barbara U.S. Senator [D] California –

    “…lack of cooperation from the NRC”
    …”NRC’s general counsel directed NRC staff to withhold documents that I requested.”
    “Last fall, the NRC attempted to unilaterally change its policy on providing information to Congress from one that generally made non-public documents available to one that did not.”

    >> Sanders, Bernard “Bernie” U.S. Senator [I] Vermont
    “Need to provide a strong role for states in the decommissioning process” seems glad Vermont plant being shut down

    HUGELY pro-nuclear members of the task force:

    >> Carper, Thomas “Tom” R. U.S. Senator [D] Delaware –
    “we must continue to have nuclear power in the mix of energy resources as part of the all-of-the-above approach that the president referred to Tuesday night in his State of the Union address…”

    >> Inhofe, James M. U.S. Senator [R] Oklahoma
    Concerned that there aren’t more nuclear plants being approved and concerned about costs to industry of safety regulations. He’s concerned about nuclear energy being regulated out of business. “we need the nuclear energy”

    >> Sessions, Jefferson “Jeff” U.S. Senator [R] Alabama –
    “Deeply concerned about rash of shut down of nuclear power plants” and supports wholeheartedly nuclear renaissance” “safe, affordable, reliable and clean energy”

    >> Vitter, David U.S. Senator [R] Louisiana –
    “Nuclear energy has become an indispensable contributor to our baseload electricity needs and will continue to be for years to come.” “our nuclear fleet is the safest in the world”

    >> Wicker, Roger U.S. Senator [R] Mississippi
    “nuclear power is a vital component”

  2. One says safety cost to much and the other says they have the safest fleet, how do these match? They can not agree on the safety issues. Still have not seen a answer to the Carington event that was presented a few years ago, I guess if they have no answers say nothing and hope it goes away.