Nuclear Hotseat #125: RadCast Radiation Reports w/Mimi German


1466266_635579306493466_200763993_nCNN gets lousy ratings, bad reviews, bad PR from Pandora.





INTERVIEW:  Veteran activist Mimi German, Co-Creator of RadCast, explains this Rad-ical new service to provide daily and weekly radiation “weather” reports for use by mainstream and online media.  Within days of its launch on Oregon radio, RadCast got picked up by Thom Hartmann for his daily show.  Immediately after the interview, catch the first RadCast report for Nuclear Hotseat as it becomes a new weekly feature! 


NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  The country of Belarus.  They got hit with 60% of Chernobyl’s radiation… but now they want to build their own nukes?  Did Chernobyl fry their common sense?



  • TEPCO delayed start of decommissioning Spent Fuel Pool 4 for two weeks to conduct tests, but they still plan to begin by November 22 despite international outcry to take all authority at Fukushima away from the criminally incompetent company;

SpentFuelRodPoolFukushimaDaiichiNuclearPlantUnit41Would you trust TEPCO to clean this out without triggering the end of the world?

  • Pandora’s Promise poops out, handing CNN lousy ratings and devastating reviews while allowing anti-nuclear experts Ralph Nader, Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps and Sierra Club’s Michael Brune air time they would not have otherwise gotten;
  • Morningstar analysts make it financially official: New-Build Nukes are Dead is what they tell their institutional investors;
  • Forbes names six reactors most likely to close: Indian Point, Ginna, Fitzpatrick, Three Mile Island, David Besse and Pilgrim;
  • Dallas-based Luminant dumps plans to build two new nukes in North Texas.  Yeehah!


Arnie Gundersen petition to remove TEPCO from the decommissioning of Fukushima.  Please sign, share:  



  1. Thank-you Nuclear Hotseat and Thank-you Mimi, for your continuing mission to save our planet. RadCast is brilliant, keep it up!!!

  2. Please list how long the audio report is. Can we broadcast this over community radio? I am located in Sonoma County,California and a member of Fukushima Response SF Bay Area.

  3. I live in Hawaii big things are washing concerned they are radioactive..should we be taking precautions

    • Shanna, I have no specific information on Hawaii, but I believe precautions should be taken by us all regarding radiation exposure. I determined a short time after Fukushima not to eat anything that has ever touched the Pacific, including wild caught salmon (they migrate through the ocean). I take supplements to support my immune system, wash produce in a zeolite solution, avoid suspect areas (I used to hike near the Santa Susana Field Lab site), keep my information level high. If it’s raining out, I check the position of the jet stream overhead and if it’s overhead, meaning creating the possibility of a rain-out, I do everything possible to not go out into it. I have disaster relief supplies in the house but then, I live in California and we’re prone to disasters here, so it’s just prudent.

      I’d say to not pick up trash from the beach, no matter how interesting. Pay attention to RadCast for Hawaiian numbers on radiation. And keep listening to Nuclear Hotseat, because when I learn of something, I’ll pass it along. Stay safe!

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    if you have a working monitor, I would be happy to help. live 55 miles east of pittsburgh