#95: Radiation & Food Safety: FFAN Actions w/Cindy Folkers, Mary Beth Brangan








INTERVIEW:  Radiation from Fukushima, nuclear reactors and leftover atmospheric testing continue to compromise the safety of our food.  Learn the dangers of radiation contamination — and how to take action — from two members of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN): Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear and Mary Beth Brangan of EON (Ecological Options Network).  Then go sign the FFAN petitions:


  • Numnutz of the Week for Nuclear Boneheadedness:  White House draft report calls for steep rollback of standards for radioactive waste clean-up to levels expected to cause cancer in 1 in 23 people, while EPA spokesmodel tells the public to “put on their big boy pants and suck it up.” <!>
  • Former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko calls for phase-out of current US nuke fleet.
  • Southern California Edison tries to TELL the NRC that they WILL approve a restart at San Onofre by June 1.
  • NOAA testing to learn if Fukushima radiation is behind sea lion beachings and die-offs in Southern California.
  • Fukushima tank leaks 120 tons of radioactive water, runoff channeled into a different tank… and that one leaks, too!
  • TEPCO knocks Fukushima power offline yet again, while setting only mousetraps to catch potentially world-ending rats;
  • Film critic Roger Ebert suspected radiation of causing his cancer, to which he succumbed this week after a decades-long battle.
  • And much more!




  1. Highly recommend everyone listen to the energy confirmation hearings that were on C-span to see which politicians are for Renewable Energies and which ones are for nuclear energy.

    For example, Murkowski (Alaska), Udall (Colorado) and Portman (Ohio) are nuclear energy lovers and small modular nuclear reactor supporters.

    It’s important for everyone to know their representative’s views on nuclear energy and vote accordingly.


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