Nuclear Hotseat Podcast for February 28, 2012


  • Japanese government shown to have been in chaos after Fukushima, w/possible Tokyo evacuation;
  • only 2 nuke reactors left online in Japan… and no rolling blackouts;
  • stillborn calves at Fukushima-area farm;
  • NRC cites Palisades Power Plant in Michigan for safety violations, plus Perry near Cleveland and Susquhanna near Harrisburg, PA;
  • North Anna tritium double federal standard, but plant operators Dominion claim no knowledge of where it’s coming from or how it happened;
  • Iowa taxpayers to shell out for nuke construction costs whether the plant gets built or not;
  • Indian Prime Minister blames US for local Kudankulam anti-nuke protests;
  • DISINFORMATION ALERT: Germany NOT restarting nukes, but using alternatives to send electricity to France;
  • Czech Republic and Kuwait decide to go nuclear-free;
  • How to get radiation out of your water supply.