Nuclear Hotseat Podcast for September 13, 2011


Here’s the Nuclear Hotseat Podcast for September 13, 2011, Day 186 since the start of the Fukushima nuclear disaster:

  • Interview with Gene Stone of ROSE (Residents Organized for a Safe Environment) on upcoming San Onofre/NRC hearings in San Clemente and procedural shenanigans by the NRC to prevent open discussion of the issues;
  • Oct. 1 anti-nuke rallies planned in NYC and around the country – join in or form one! in your local community! Rally updates
  • North Anna exceeded design stats during east coast quake (Nuclear Hotseat scooped the LA Times on that one!);
  • Fort Calhoun one of two worst nuke plants in the US re: safety;
  • Water leak shuts Connecticutt’s Millstone reactor;
  • NRC votes w/President Obama to shut Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump, but Republicans in Congress vow to fight this sudden outbreak of nuclear sanity as “politically motivated;”
  • Fukushima sea radiation at least 3x higher than estimated…and increasing;
  • Japan’s government wants to stop citizens from taking their own radiation measurements;
  • Japanese seniors volunteer for Fukushima clean-up;
  • Effects of fallout on in-utero infants;
  • What former nuclear advocate Admiral Hyman Rickover, “The Father of the Nuclear Navy,” told Congress about nuclear energy;
  • Anti-radiation smoothie to drink from a Native American multi-activist: